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when I created this...

there were 22 hours and 24 mins untill age 21!

24 December
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all about my mother, almodovar, andrew lloyd weber, annie hall, art history, australia, beatles, beck, being a europhile, belle and sebastian, ben folds five, bend it like beckham, benny goodman, bergman, best in show, billie holiday, bringing up baby, buster keaton, cabaret, celine dion, classic rock, classical hollywood, cream, disney, dogs, dr strangelove, elton john, eric clapton, fargo, fiddler on the roof, film, fiona apple, firenzi, fleetwood mac, french new wave, genesis, gin and tonic, goodfellas, gypsy kings, holiday inn, indiana jones, interpol, jack johnson, janis joplin, jefferson airplane, jewel, joan baez, john steinbeck, judy garland, lauryn hill, led zeppelin, lerner and lowe, les miz, london, mafia movies, mary poppins, meshes of the afternoon, michael jackson, mighty aphrodite, mike nichols, musicals, my fair lady, my man godfrey, natalie cole, notting hill, peabo!, persona, phantom, pink floyd, portishead, pulp fiction, queen, radiohead, rainman, rebecca, rent, rodgers and hammerstein, rrrrocky!, selena, simon and garfunkel, sleeping beauty, smashing pumpkins, some like it hot, sound of music, stp, sunset boulevard, swimming, tarantino, tchiakovsky, the 400 blows, the awful truth, the big lebowski, the birdcage, the coen brothers, the doors, the emperors new groove, the flaming lips, the graduate, the music man, the philadelphia story, the thin man movies, the velvet underground, the who, theatre, thoroughly modern millie, travel, un chien andalou, vertigo, weezer, west side story, when harry met sally, wild strawberries